Quality, Environmental & Information Security Policy

Quality Policy

Excell Group provides leadership in the art of continuous improvement, quality at reduced costs and delivery of products on time that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Environmental Policy

Through designing, producing, and marketing Automobile Parts and Blow Molded Plastic Products for industrial sector, we strive for effective utilization of resources, saving energy, recycling, reducing waste materials, and producing environmentally friendly products as well as harmonizing regional community and rich natural environment surrounding the factory.
We aim at greater earth satisfaction and greater customer satisfaction.

Quality and environmental ISO certified

Quality and environmental ISO certified

Information Security Policy

The ultimate goal of our group is to meet the expectations of every stake holders, meaning our customers, employees and their families and to contribute to the society through designing, producing and selling of plastic blow molded ducts for automotive and industrial purpose products.

Our company, in the process of business, receives and uses many information assets including personal data. We determine that to meet the expectations of every stakeholder, the most important task is to protect these data.

Therefore we declare that we will formalize the information basic policies and construct and implement the ISMS (information security management system) according to this policy. As the whole company, we will continuously improve this system based on changes of the environment of our company.

Additionally, we will set our purposes of security as below and make sure we work to implement strategies and action to meet these goals.

  • We will respect and protect the contract, legal or required rules with our customers.
  • We will prevent information security incidents beforehand that involve our customer’s confidential information or our company’s management information assets.
  • In the case of information security incidents, we will minimize the effect it makes.