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Licensing of Technology Overseas

Our Blow Molding Technology and Processes are Patented throughout the World.

1995 Helphos in Germany (present M+H Automotive GmbH)

A technical license agreement consists of technical information presentation and technology collaboration duty.
Excell's technology licensing is not only technical information, but also provides machineries to manufacture the process possible. As our responsibility as a technical information provider, we provide technical guidance to licensee engineers in the early stage of the licensing in both Excell and in licensee's factory. We actively practice product reliability tests, report the results, provide technical information, supervising, and advice for each licensee to manufacture and sell Excell blow molding technology.

Patent Information

Excell is the engineering development type company that respects the intellectual property rights. We hold more than 120 industrial rights in Japan, USA, Europe and Asia.
We also protect technology licensee companies. We take a firm position to right infringement.

Technology USA EU Japan Asia
Total 16 26 74 11
MES® 2 3 9 1
EXCHANGE® 6 11 12 12
R-MES 1 5 3 3
Remain-Core 3 15 3 3
Others 4 2 47 2

Registered Marks

The below technical method names and product names are registered trademarks of EXCELL Corporation.

List of registered trademarks

  • MES® is a registered trademark of EXCELL Corporation.
  • EXCHANGE® is a registered trademark of EXCELL Corporation.
  • EXCELLBOARD® is a registered trademark of EXCELL Corporation.
  • エクセルボード® is a registered trademark of EXCELL Corporation.

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Examples: MES (R) or MES®

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