1. 1970

    Established Excell Corporation

  2. 1971

    Established Excell MFG

  3. 1977

    Completed the 1st MES machine (MES No.1)

  4. 1982

    Started mass production by MES. Started supplying MES products to Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

  5. 1983

    Started supplying MES products to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd and Mazda Motor Corporation.

  6. 1984

    "MES" method received the 16th Grand Prize of Plastics.

  7. 1986

    Licensed the MES technology to Nobel Plast in Sweden.
    Completed MES-Exchange technology.

  8. 1987

    Started supplying MES-Exchange products to SUBARU CORPORATION and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

  9. 1988

    Supplied MES-Exchange products to TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION.

  10. 1989

    Moved Excell MFG Co., Ltd. to Akagi factory in Gunma.

  11. 1990

    "MES-Exchange" Technology won First Golden Prize for "The Superior and the New Technologies and New Products".
    Licensed the MES-Exchange technology to Lucky Ltd. in South Korea.

  12. 1991

    Established Excell ENG Co., Ltd.

  13. 1992

    Plastic Intake Manifold by Remain-Core method was mounted onto SUBARU SAMBARDIAS wagon of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (the first mass production of Resin Intake Manifold in Japan).

  14. 1993

    R-MES (Reinforced-MES) technology was adopted for turbo ducts. Began mass production.

  15. 1994

    "MES-Exchange" product won first Golden Prize in International Category in SPE (Society for Plastics Engineers) 1993.

    "Plastic Intake Manifold by Remain-Core Method" won Golden Prize for "The Superior and the New Technologies and New Products of small and middle sized companies"

  16. 1995

    Licensed MES-Exchange technology to Helphos GmbH (currently M+H Automotive GmbH) in Germany.

  17. 1996

    Licensed R-MES technology to LG Chemical in South Korea.

  18. 1999

    Established USA based affiliate EXCELL USA Inc. and factory was completed.

    Started delivering products to S.I.A, Denso M.M.I.

  19. 2000

    Established Excell Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Excell MFG Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001.

  20. 2001

    Developed technologies of Mini Multi-dimensional Extrusion System (MINI-MES), and commercialized products by MINI-MES.

    Established Excell Holdings Co., Ltd.

  21. 2002

    Excell USA Inc. started to deliver MES-Exchange products to TOYOTA NA.

    "MES-Exchange molding method" was awarded the Dr. Takeo Nakagawa Technology Grand Prize in '1 company, 1 technology in Gunma pref. institution'.

  22. 2003

    Established Excell Shoji Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

  23. 2004

    Excell MFG Co., Ltd. obtained ISO14001.

  24. 2005

    Expanded plant in Excell USA, Inc.
    Started supplying MES-Exchange product to General Motors.

  25. 2006

    Established Thailand based affiliate Thai Excell MFG Co., Ltd. Completed the factory in Thailand.

  26. 2007

    Thai Excell Manufacturing Co., Ltd. had ISO9001 certification registered.

    Excell USA, Inc. had ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 certification registered.

  27. 2008

    "Multi-Functional Exchange blow molding technology (MF-Exchange)" of Excell Corporation was awarded with the 20th Awards for New Technologies and Products by Small & Medium Enterprise.

    Thai Excell Manufacturing Co., Ltd. had ISO/TS16949 certification registered.

  28. 2009

    Both Excell Corporation and Excell Manufacturing Co., Ltd. won MONOZUKURI certification (MONO=Products, ZUKURI=Manufacturing). According to this certification, it was officially announced that government subsidy is granted to our project "Development of Integrated molding technology for plastic inlet duct used in automotive engine room".

    Our project "Development of the plastic molding and processing research technology to meet new molding materials and new molding process" was certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as an appropriate research theme to The Plan of Specific Research and Development etc. basing on the Act for the Sophistication of Basic Manufacturing Technology of Small and Medium Enterprises.

  29. 2010

    "MF-Exchange (commonly called "the Snake Sucking Egg" from the parison shape)", an integrated single step method which molds resonator and duct together, was awarded the technical innovation prize in SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) Innovation Awards 2010.

  30. 2011

    Established Dalian Excell MFG Co., Ltd. In Dalian, China.

  31. 2012

    Excell corp. head office was moved from Kyobashi to Yaesu in Chuo-ku Tokyo.

  32. 2013

    Started supplying MES-Exchange products manufactured in Dalian Excell MFG Co., Ltd. to Toyota Motor Corporation.

  33. 2014

    Excell Czech s.r.o.was established in Czech Republic.

  34. 2015

    Excell Czech s.r.o. began delivering automotive parts to Magyar Suzuki Corporation.

  35. 2020

    Excell corporation celebrated 50th anniversary of founding.

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  36. 2021

    Excell MFG Co., Ltd. celebrated 50th anniversary of founding.