Other Plastic Molding Technologies
(Direct Blow/Injection Molding)

In addition to blow molding, our core technology, we also handle processing technologies such as injection molding and welding, and offer resin products that best suit customer needs.

Direct Blow Molding

  1. Parison (cylindrically melted resin) is injected
  2. Sandwich the parison between the molds
  3. Inject air into the parison to inflate it (blow-up)
  4. Molded product is completed with burrs in accordance with the inner surface shape of the mold (cavity)
  5. Remove burrs (unnecessary portions) from the molded product to make it into a finished product

Suction Blow Molding

Blow up

While the molds are closed, the resin is set along the passage (cavity) in the mold by suction from the other side while the resin is pushed out.
After the resin is set, it is inflated and molded.

Injection Molding

Resin injection

It is a widely used resin molding method.
After melted resin is poured into molds, it is cooled and molded.

Welding Process

Heating plate movement

Fig. Sketch of heating plate welding

This is a processing method in which a molded resin part is partially melted by applying heat, etc., and bonded to another molded part. Contact and non-contact welding technologies are already in place at Excell.

Example) Heating plate welding, Spin welding, Vibration welding, Infrared welding, Ultrasonic welding