Other Plastic Molding Technologies(Direct Blow/Injection Molding)

Plastic molding methods

In order to expand the possibilities of plastic products, Excell introduces various plastic molding methods in addition to blow molding, which is our core technology, we design and propose the most suitable parts for customer needs.

1. Blow molding methods

It is a molding method by sandwiching a parison (cylindrical melted resin) with a mold and then blowing up (inject air) from the inside. One of them is MES blow, which is our core technology and was first developed by Excell.

MES blow (MES-EXCHANGE blow)

This is the first developed blow molding method in the world by Excell.
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Direct blow

Although it is a general blow molding method, Excell has strengths in molding engineering plastics as well as designing shapes and molds.
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Suction blow

Similar to MES blow, it is used mainly in Europe as a three-dimensional shape molding method.
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2. Injection molding

It is one of the general plastic molding methods, and it is molded by pouring melted resin into a mold and hardening it.
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