Resin Processing / Production Technologies

Plastic processing methods

By processing and combining blow and injection molded products, it is possible to integrate various functions into one product. In order to support component design and production, we are actively developing and introducing plastic processing / production technologies.

Welding process

This is a processing method in which a part of the molded resin component is melted again and the melted portion is joined to another component. We propose the most suitable processing method according to the product specifications and cost.

Heating plate welding, Spin welding, Vibration welding, Infrared welding, Ultrasound welding

Automation line

We design and develop our own line that automates molding, processing, and inspection processes with robots. This leads to improvement of production such as improvement of productivity, stabilization of quality, reduction of production cost, and space saving of production line.

Automation Line

Before automation

After automation